Worm Pie Pudding Recipe

Quick And Easy Worm Pie Pudding Recipe For Kids


Make a cracking worm themed dessert that will have the kids drooling. Quick and easy to do and suitable for 2 year olds upwards.

This Worm Pie Pudding is made by layering crushed biscuits and chocolate Angel Delight or Chocolate Pudding Mix topped off with wiggly worms (sweety ones, not real ones!).


Worm Pie Pudding Ingredients

Worm Pie Pudding Ingredients

  • Packet of Chocolate Angel Delight (UK) or Chocolate Pudding Mix (USA)
  • Cocoa powder (optional)
  • Brown biscuits – Digestive, Bourbon’s or Oreo
  • Light brown biscuits – shortbread, fruit shorties.
  • Wiggly worms – chopped up strawberry laces.
  • Milk for the angel delight.
  • Plastic cups to serve (good for young ones), or glass tumblers for older kids or adults.

How to make Worm Pie Pudding

Step 1 – Make your Chocolate Pudding Mix or Angel Delight

Angel Delight

Mix your Angel Delight or Pudding Mix

Follow the instructions on the packet. Angel Delight is usually a half pint of milk per packet. Stir with a mixer or hand whisk.

Adding cocoa to Angel Delight

Adding cocoa to Angel Delight

Add a tablespoon of cocoa powder if you want to make the mix extra chocolaty.

Set the mixture aside in the fridge to set (not long!).

Step 2 – Crush the biscuits in a bowl

Crushing brown biscuits

Crushing brown biscuits

Break biscuits into a bowl and use rolling pin to make them finer. Even little kids can do this.

A mix of and pale biscuits like short bread and dark brown chocolate biscuits like Bourbon or Oreo make a nice blend of shades but any biscuits are good.

Step 3 – Cut up your wiggly worms

Cutting wiggly worms

Strawberry laces make great worms or you can use gummy worms.

If you use laces, as we have, they are best cut up to make them easier to eat.

Strawberry Laces

Step 4 – Layer up the biscuits and Angel Delight in your plastic cup

Add your layers

Create your layers

Add worms between the layers and a few on the top.

It looks better if your top layer is biscuits with a few worms poking out trying to escape their fate.

Worm Pie Pudding

You can make Worm Pie Pudding ahead of time and keep in the fridge for a couple of hours.

But in practice no one can wait that long!

Worm Pie Pudding for Kids


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