The Lazy Seagull

The Lazy Seagull by Johnny Parker and Andrea Foy

The Lazy Seagull is a lively, humorous, rhyming tale on the theme of ‘growing up’. Alliteration, repetition, and onomatopoeia, throughout, tickle the story taste buds of young readers, whilst encouraging them to ‘learn to fly’ by making the best of their talents, trying new things and exploring the world around them.

Co-written with Andrea Foy who had the original idea and outline, with illustrations by Winston Tsang

4.8 out of 5 Stars on Amazon (10 reviews)

Available as an ebook or print copy.

There is a storm coming, but the little seagull is unwilling to leave his cosy nest. Then the wind comes and lifts the lazy little seagull, nest and all, and deposits him in a car park. Where is his breakfast and where is his mum? The story takes us through all the food that Lazy could eat, but rejects. However, what will get him out of his nest and actually doing something about his situation? This is a humorous story with good illustrations, which will be enjoyed by children of 3+.

S Riaz - Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

Zillid the Lizzid in Tongue Trouble

Zillid the Lizzid in Tongue Trouble

Zillid the Lizzid is a funny picture ebook for pre school children. In Tongue Trouble, Zillid wants Billy Bluebottle for dinner, but his hunger gets him into lots of bother as he encounters cat poo, Venus Fly Trap’s and electric insect zapper’s.

Kids love the vibrant colours and smashing, crashing, leaping and hopping action. They want to read it over and over.

Available as an ebook or print copy.

5 out of 5 Stars on Amazon (2 reviews)

Great read for young kids.. easy for them to read along, lovely bright pictures.. which are also funny. Keeps my son entertained for ages he really enjoys getting stuck in reading along.. never gets old. Both looking forward to reading any future books..

Bryony Marshall

Little kids love Zillid – my little grandson ‘reading’ from my mobile phone…

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