Owl and Pussy Cat Cards

Owl and Pussycat Greetings Cards


Homemade cards a big favourite with anyone who receives them, especially if one of the kids has made them.

Owl and Pussycat greetings cards are simple to make and easy for little ones to produce with a little help.

The cards use a couple of simple shapes you can use to make up owls, cats and birds. The kids can add glitter and their own ‘scribbles’ to make them their own.

Chore Friendly!

Good for little ones but adaptable for different ages.



  • Card in whatever colour you like so long as it contrasts your owl shapes.
  • Different coloured paper.
  • Pen or pencil to draw shapes
  • Scissors to cut out shapes – kid sized ones for little hands if the kids want to do it.
  • PVA glue or glue stick.
  • Craft shop, stick on googly eyes.
  • Plastic table cloth or newspapers to work on.
  • Pinny or apron for the little ones (and the big ones if you’re messy).

Optional Materials

  • Glitter in different colours
  • Felt tip pens to add extra artiness.

Step 1 – Draw some Owl and Pussycat shapes

Owl and Pussy Cat Cards

The brilliant thing about Owls and Pussycats is that they can share the same shape. Two creatures for the price of one.

Even if you can’t draw, the shape is so straightforward anybody could do it.

Practice a couple of times until you get a symmetrical shape and then copy it in different sizes.

To add on some wing shapes, you can draw a simple elongated oval.


Step 2 – Cut out your shapes and add some bling

Owl and Pussy Cat Cards

Owl and Pussy Cat Cards

Cut out your shapes in different coloured paper and sizes then let the kids loose customising them with their own felt tips and glitter.

Owl and Pussy Cat Cards

Step 3 – Stick the shapes to some card

Stick your shapes on to the card making sure to put them on the right hand side of your card. If you fold the card in half first you can see how much space you have to play with.

Owl and Pussy Cat Cards

Use a glue stick or PVA glue to stick the shapes on to the card.

Owl and Pussy Cat Cards

Little ones can stick on their own shapes or you can help them to arrange them so they make a little group like you can see in the pictures.

Owl and Pussy Cat Cards

In these pics crescent shaped cut outs have been overlaid to create birds. The same can be done with the owl shapes to make a group of creatures. The crescent shapes also make wings for the owls.

Owl and Pussy Cat Cards

Stick on eyes and any other little bits like tissue paper or more glitter.


Step 4 – Owls or Pussycats?

You can make your shapes into either an owl or pussycat by drawing a nose and whiskers for a cat or a beak for an owl: see the pictures.

Owl and Pussy Cat Cards

Add a tail  to your pussy cat by cutting out an S shaped paper sausage.

Owl and Pussy Cat Cards

Who wouldn’t want to receive one of these canny cards!

Age and Ability Mods

Older kids can draw, cut out and decorate their own shapes.

Younger ones can have fun scribbling on the shapes, adding glitter and sticking.


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