Plastic Bottle Flowers

Make Your Own Recycled Plastic Bottle Bottom Flowers


Create amazing bottle bottom flowers from recycled water or soda bottles.

This is a easy project for little ones to do. They can cut out bits of tissue paper and stick them into the bottom of the bottle to make a flower and then decorate with glitter.

If you put the bottle bottom flowers into pot plants they look fantastic.

Decorating the flowers is something the kids can do with a minimum of supervision while you get on with your chores and is suitable for two year olds upwards.


Bottle Bottom Flowers


  • Recycled 2 litre clear plastic pop, water or soda bottles
  • PVA glue.
  • Tissue Paper to stick onto your ‘petals’.
  • Glitter to decorate.
  • Paint brush for the glue.
  • Scissors
  • Short cane or stick for the stem.
  • Sticky tape to fasten the flower to the stick (stem)

Step 1 – cut out the bottom of the bottles.

Bottle Bottom Flowers

Use scissors to cut off the bottom of the bottles. This is probably best done by a grown up unless older kids are doing it.


Step 2 – decorate the petals.

Bottle Bottom Flowers

You can decorate the inside of the bottle bottom with little bits of coloured tissue paper. Stick them down with PVA glue.

Add extra decoration by dabbing glue around the edges and the ridges inside and then sprinkling with glitter.

Bottle Bottom Flowers

Step 3 – Stick the flower to a stick.

Use sticky tape to stick the cane or stick to the back of the flower.

Cover the sticky tape with glue and stick some green tissue paper over the sticky tape and the end of the cane to make it look like it’s all part of the flower.


Step 4 – ‘Plant’ the flower in a pot plant

Bottle Bottom Flowers - 1

To make the bottle bottom flowers look really effective stick them into pot plants. Preferably a green plant that could do with some extra colour.

Making the petals with tissue paper means that the light shines through the flower. If you place them in a window the sun light will shine through and make them look fantastic.


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