Recycled Plastic Bottle Flower Brooch

How to Make a Plastic Bottle Flower Brooch and Handbag Charm


Learn how to make recycled plastic bottle flower brooch and handbag charm in 5 easy steps that will look amazing.

This creative project is suitable for kids aged 2-8.

The younger ones can colour the plastic petals and the older ones can do the cutting out and finishing off.

There are a couple of variations that you can make. The first is to make all your petals from the sides of a plastic bottle. The second uses the base of a coloured bottle for  the outside petals of your brooch.

You will need an adult for this project because the petals of the flower need to be curled by holding the plastic over a flame from a lighter. This is quite safe and easy to do but I wouldn’t recommend you let the kids loose with a flame.


  • At least one clear plastic 2 litre bottle. Also a coloured plastic bottle that can be smaller, like a Mountain Dew bottle.
  • Coloured marker pens, Sharpies are brilliant for this.
  • Scissors.
  • Cigarette lighter or oven lighter.
  • Brooch pin – you can get these online or from any craft shop.
  • Coloured button and thread.
  • Hammer and a nail to punch holes in your petals.

Optional Extras

  • Handbag charm clip, from a craft shop.

Step 1 –  cutting out the petals from a plastic bottle.

Using the scissors, cut rectangular shapes from a clear plastic 2 litre bottle.

Step 2 –  drawing the petal shapes onto the plastic.

Where is a marker pen draw out the shapes of your petals. Start with a large petal, then do a smaller one and finally a third petal which is the smallest.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Flower Brooch

When you have drawn all your petal shapes cut round them with scissors.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Flower Brooch

Step 3 –  colouring in the petals.

Use the coloured marker pens to colour in each of your petal shapes in different colours.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Flower Brooch

Step 4 –  bending the petals.

Using the lighter, gently heat the edges of your petals until they begin to curl up. Be careful to keep your fingers out of the way of the flame, and don’t hold the flame too close to the plastic or it may burn.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Flower Brooch

Step 5 – Fixing the petals together.

To fix your petals together, you first need to punch a couple of holes in the centre with a hammer and nail which are the roughly the same distance apart as the holes in your button. You can do this by eye, no need for a ruler.

With a  button on the front and a brooch clip on the back, stitch everything together with a needle and thread.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Flower Brooch

Recycled Plastic Bottle Flower Brooch

Alternative – Handbag Charm.

As well as the brooch, you can make a flower handbag charm.

Leave out the large bottle bottom and instead of the brooch pin, use a clip on a chain. You can get these cheaply from most craft outlets. Stitch everything together as before.


Recycled plastic bottle flower handbag charm

Be creative and experiment

Make recycled plastic bottle flowers in different sizes and colours to match your outfits.

These bottle flowers make brilliant gifts and everyone loves home made stuff because you have poured all your time and love into making something to treasure.

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