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How to Make a Leaf Collage Animal Picture


Leaf collage is one of the quickest and easiest nature craft projects that you can do.

Creating leaf collage animal pictures is suitable for very young ones, from two upwards and requires the minimum of material and is only two steps.

You can get the kids outdoors collecting leaves and then spend a half hour or so back home making your picture out of the collected leaves.


Leaf Art Animal Collage


  • Leaves collected from the park or garden.
  • PVA glue to stick the leaves.
  • Paper to stick your leaves onto. Coloured paper that contrasts with brown leaves is good.
  • Sticky back eyes to give your animal a realistic look, available from any craft shop or pound store.
  • Paint brush for the glue.

Step 1 – collect your leaves.

Leaf Art Animal Collage

This is a great way to spend an hour with your kids outdoors. Give them a little shopping bag and just let them go and collect whatever leaves they can find and also any little twigs, pieces of grass or bits of fallen bark.

And sometimes, when you get home you find a little bit more in your stash of leaves than you expected – Lady Bugs for instance…

Lady Bug

Step 2 – create your leaf art.

Leaf Art Animal Collage

This is where you can be as creative as you want to be. You can either show the kids what to make by doing a picture yourself or you can just let the kids loose and have them make their own little animals. You will be surprised what they can come up with.

All you have to do is decide what kind of animal you want to make then arrange the leaves to make an animal shape then stick the leaves to your paper with the PVA glue.

As a finishing touch you can use some craft eyes to make the creature come to life.

Leaf Art Animal Collage

That’s it – a cracking leaf collage animal picture. Can you guess which one was done by the grown-up?

You don’t get anything easier than that.


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