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Paper Craft Apple Orchard

Nature Craft Apple Tree Orchard


This paper craft apple tree orchard looks amazing but is surprisingly simple to make.

Green paper, red tissue paper apples and a couple of recycled loo roll tubes, dead easy.

This little apple orchard would make a great table centre piece and is an ideal craft for harvest festival.

Okay for little ones but adaptable for different ages.

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Owl and Pussy Cat Cards

Owl and Pussycat Greetings Cards


Homemade cards a big favourite with anyone who receives them, especially if one of the kids has made them.

Owl and Pussycat greetings cards are simple to make and easy for little ones to produce with a little help.

The cards use a couple of simple shapes you can use to make up owls, cats and birds. The kids can add glitter and their own ‘scribbles’ to make them their own.

Chore Friendly!

Good for little ones but adaptable for different ages.

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Beachcombing Craft Materials

Beachcombing for craft materials.


Beachcombing for craft materials is a not only a brilliant way to get outdoors and collect bits and pieces for creative projects, but is an awesome way to teach your kids about nature and recycling.

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Leaf Printing – Nature Craft For Kids While You Do Your Chores


Printing with leaves has to be one of the all time easiest nature craft activities you can do with your children.

Your kids will love making pictures with leaves because it gets them outdoors foraging for stuff, and they get the added bonus of being as messy and paint covered as they like creating masterpieces that will look amazing on Grandma’s fridge!

Leaf printing also has the extra advantage in that it’s something the kids can do with the minimum of supervision, which means that they can be busy at the kitchen table while you get on with washing the dishes or knocking off a couple of chores.

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Plastic Bottle Flowers

Make Your Own Recycled Plastic Bottle Bottom Flowers


Create amazing bottle bottom flowers from recycled water or soda bottles.

This is a easy project for little ones to do. They can cut out bits of tissue paper and stick them into the bottom of the bottle to make a flower and then decorate with glitter.

If you put the bottle bottom flowers into pot plants they look fantastic.

Decorating the flowers is something the kids can do with a minimum of supervision while you get on with your chores and is suitable for two year olds upwards.

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Leaf Animals Nature Art

How to Make a Leaf Collage Animal Picture


Leaf collage is one of the quickest and easiest nature craft projects that you can do.

Creating leaf collage animal pictures is suitable for very young ones, from two upwards and requires the minimum of material and is only two steps.

You can get the kids outdoors collecting leaves and then spend a half hour or so back home making your picture out of the collected leaves.

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Recycled Plastic Bottle Flower Brooch

How to Make a Plastic Bottle Flower Brooch and Handbag Charm


Learn how to make recycled plastic bottle flower brooch and handbag charm in 5 easy steps that will look amazing.

This creative project is suitable for kids aged 2-8.

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Painting with Dandelions Sticks and Feathers

Painting with Dandelions, Sticks and Feathers


This little project gets the kids outdoors in the fresh air to collect materials to paint with.

If that hasn’t worn the little rascals out, you can come home and create a fab flower picture from the bits and pieces you collected.

You can use whatever you find to create this little art work… okay, not dog poo, not even the hard white stuff!

In our case we went out into the park and found Dandelions growing in the grass. They are actually a weed and no one is going to complain if you pick the flower heads.

We also picked up small sticks and a couple of feathers kindly discarded by their former owners.

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Butterfly Suncatchers

How to Make Butterfly Suncatchers from Recycled Plastic Bottles


You can make beautiful butterfly suncatchers from old plastic pop (soda) bottles.

It’s quick, easy and can be done with 2-8 year olds. Older ones can use scissors and younger ones can do the colouring in.

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