What you get with Wally Worm's World

Wally Worm’s World is a new resource for parents, grandparents, teachers or anyone who wants to explore crafts, cooking and learning with children aged from two upwards.

We are taking a fresh look at how to get kids interested in nature by giving you practical ideas that are stimulating and above all else FUN!

It’s time to stop yelling and start connecting.

Kids love nature and we aim to help you do things with your children you may never have thought of that will make them happier, more skilful and resourceful and will make you calmer and more peaceful.

The Wally Worm’s World team…

JP Head Shot 27-7-15

Hi I’m Johnny Parker and I write all the copy for Wally Worm’s World.

But I’m just the tip of the iceberg. My lovely wife Andrea and I have six kids between us and a growing army of grandkids. Between us we manage to come up with content ideas and practical step by step projects to share.

Our passion for nature is often directed towards keeping two allotments (hopefully three soon) and being lucky enough to live on the amazing Wirral Peninsula in North West England, where we are never far from the sea and some wonderful country.

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